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what rare Samiam stuff do you guys have? Anything that is autographed or just really hard to get your hands on...

Here is my small list. I have a friend in the Netherlands that has probably everything they ever made... *grrrr*

Samiam beanie (1)
Samiam skateboard (1)
Samiam "You Are Freaking Me Out" 7" boxset (2)
Samiam/Jawbreaker split 7" w/ No Idea zine (1)
Samiam "Live" 7" autographed by Sergie (1)
Samiam "Clumsy" CD autographed by all members of the band (Clumsy-era) (1)
Samiam setlist autographed by Aaron Rubin (1)
Samiam "I Am" 7" w/ blue cover / black vinyl ( i have no idea what press this is.. ) (1)
Samiam "I Am" 7" w/ purple cover / black vinyl ( still no idea what press this is...) (1)
Samiam "Capsized" CD promo (1)
Samiam "Mud Hill" CD promo (1)
Samiam "Soar" LP blue vinyl (first press [i think]) (1)
Samiam "Soar" tour poster (1)
Samiam "Astray" tour poster (in German) (1)
Samiam/Garlic Frog Diet split (1)
Samiam "live" VHS tapes (2 [3 Shows in all])
a few Samiam hoodies
alot of Samiam promo shirts
a few Solea items autographed by Sergie

...yet i STILL haven't fuckin seen them :( :( :( :( :( :(

.......I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!................
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