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GoSamGo - The Official Samiam LJ Community

GoSamGo - The Official Samiam LJ Community

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Boy With Monkey

Welcome to the official Samiam livejournal community.

This community is for fans of Samiam, Solea, Knapsack, Texas Is The Reason, Jawbreaker, Jets To Brazil, etc, etc, etc.

Below are guidelines to this community:

1) Don't flame or insult anyone. This will get you banned from the community.

2) Do not spam the community with worthless shit, links to other communities, etc. This will get you banned. NO ADVERTISING!

3) Keep posting related to Samiam and other projects by Samiam band members.

4) Have fun with this. =)

I don't want to sound like an asshole, but I see how people work in the LJ communities. Just be curtious to others and don't fill the community with stupid shit, and everything will be ok.


Check out this Samiam fansite http://www.samiam.de. It has alot of stuff on there. :)