tiffanie (above_the_waves) wrote in gosamgo,

just a quick little note

i love samiam. great music. i was just browsing through the used record section of my local music store and found a copy of the You Are Freaking Me Out LP. (RESULT!) since none of my friends care and won't share in my enthusiasm i thought maybe you all could appreciate it and be happy for me. although having said that i bet it's easily available on the net and i just simply haven't looked. anyhow. have a great day and rock on.
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I <3 that album.

On a slightly unrelated note, my AIM away message right now is,
I wouldn't bother but this means everything to me, so spare me now… ~ Samiam
(Taken slightly out of context, I know, but still…)
You Are Freaking Me Out is good, but I prefer Clumsy the best. Both are good albums.
i prefer clumsy too. it is quite good.
clumsy is my favorite.